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Magic Herb Garden

It Seems Incredible That You Can Use An Herb Garden Kit And Produce A Healthy Thriving Herb Garden What better way to gain knowledge of a new hobby and develop skills in it than by buying a kit.  Herb garden kits are a remarkable way to progress with growing herbs used for your own consumption.  […]

A Few Top Tips For Growing Rosemary Herb

There are many benefits and advantages when an individual decides to take on the challenge of growing rosemary herb.  Besides the fact that you will have wonderful fresh herbs for cooking and salads, you will also be able to enjoy the wonderful fragrance that aromatic herbs provide.  Some herbs are very difficult to grow, however […]

Kids Herb Garden: Designed With Utility And Creativity

If your family has grown up with a garden, the thought of a kids herb garden may not have occurred to you.  The children may have been expected to help with the weeding, hoeing and even planting and watering of the garden patch.  If gardening is new to your children or if they have never […]

The Best Methods Of Growing Lavender Plant Varieties

Lavender grows wild in the Mediterranean because of the climate and sunny skies.  As long as lavender has sun to enjoy it does not mind having less than ideal soil conditions. In fact, in its natural habitat it tends to grow in soil that is rocky and dry.  It loves these conditions but will tolerate […]

Let’s Begin By Growing Perennial Herbs

Growing perennial herbs is becoming a popular hobby.  Imagine making culinary delights with fresh herbs. They make every meal delicious.  Planning and creating a garden is a great way to provide your household with fresh herbs each year. To begin with creating a perennial garden, one must do a quick search of the internet.  Using […]

What You Need To Know About Hydroponic Herb Growing

Hydroponic Herb Growing is one of the easiest ways of keeping fresh vegetation in your kitchen throughout the year. It requires minimal effort once it has been set up and it will save you tons of money in comparison to those expensive fresh goods you find at your local market. Hydroponic herb growing is not […]

Start Your Herb Empire With A Mini Herb Garden

When you start growing herbs, it can be a little overwhelming choosing which ones to pick.  A mini herb garden is perfect if you are just starting to grow your own. As time passes and you realize which herbs grow best in your area, suit your soil and see how much time you have available, […]

How Fresh Herb Gardening Is So Much More Exciting

There is nothing better than using your own home grown herbs when cooking or making cosmetics and herbal remedies.  Fresh herb gardening is so much more exciting than simply buying dried herbs as it is almost impossible to get it wrong. You do not need green fingers to grow most herbs successfully.  They do not […]

How To Create Your Very Own Windowsill Herb Garden.

If you are looking for some pretty and useful plants that are easy to grow but you have limited space, why not create your very own windowsill herb garden. You can chose from a variety of ready made boxes such as plastic, wooden or those made from fiberglass.  The decision will depend partly on your […]

Get Started With These 5 Simple Herb Garden Designs

There are so many different uses for herbs that it can get quite confusing knowing which ones you should be growing.  Here are five simple herb garden designs to get you started: Winter herb garden: When picking herbs for your winter herb garden design, you should think about the type of meals you often eat […]