French Herb Garden

So you want to grow your own French Herb Garden?  Well it is not much different from growing any herb garden really!  So get your gardening tools ready and read on for some information on how to get started.

The first thing you will need is some French Herbs.  There are many different ones but you will only need to plant the ones you will use.  Take into consideration that many different herbs have many different purposes, so keep in mind what you will be using the herbs for and choose wisely.  Will you be using them for medicinal purposes?  Will you be cooking with your herbs?  Will you be using them for aromatherapy purposes?  Or will they mainly be for decorative purposes?  Of course you may want to use your herbs for all of the above purposes.  Here is a list of some French herbs you can use in your garden:

–          Chives

–          Marjoram

–          Summer Savory

–          Tarragon

–          Lavender

–          Winter Savory

–          Bay

–          Chervil

You can also include other different herbs in your garden to add colour and variety also some people even like to plant flowers and shrubs to add a little touch.  French herbs prefer sunny spots so be sure to plant your garden somewhere where the sun will get to the plants.  You should carefully choose your location for your garden based on this primarily but also on some other factors.  If your herbs will be used primarily for culinary purposes, plant the garden close to your kitchen.  If the herbs will be used mostly for decoration or aromatherapy purposes, plant the garden somewhere where you can see and smell the herbs.  If your herbs will be used for medicinal purposes, again, you should have the garden close to your home as you don’t want to go looking for something far away if you are not feeling well and depend on an herb to help whatever it is that ails you.  If you are using the garden for all or some of the above purposes, than take all of these things into consideration before choosing a location for your garden.  There are many options.  If your balcony or patio gets a lot of sun, you can plant some herbs there in pots.  You may have a sunny location close to your porch that also has the right soil and conditions for a French Herb garden.  Some people just prefer to have a patch away from the house in the backyard for their garden.  Here, you can turn your garden into a safe haven away from the world where you can go to be alone.  A couple of benches and some yard decorations add a finishing touch to this type of French Herb Garden.

Now that you have your location for your garden, here are some tips on planting your herbs and keeping them healthy:

  • So that the roots can spread easily, make sure the dirt around the plant is loosened several inches from the plant before placing it in the ground.
  • Water a few inches away from the plant, to encourage the roots to seek out the water.
  • Do some research on each individual plant you plan to have as every herb has special considerations in terms of how much sun, water and soil they need.

Now that you have these basics, you are on your way to planting your very own French Herb Garden!