How Fresh Herb Gardening Is So Much More Exciting

There is nothing better than using your own home grown herbs when cooking or making cosmetics and herbal remedies.  Fresh herb gardening is so much more exciting than simply buying dried herbs as it is almost impossible to get it wrong. You do not need green fingers to grow most herbs successfully.  They do not require a lot of space and even if you don’t have a garden, you can still grow your own by using a window box or container.

Your needs will dictate the type and quantity of herbs you grow. If you just want to add flavour and interest to your cooking a small number of herbs will suffice.  You could grow basil, summer savory, chives, watercress and marigold to add flavour to summer salads.  For winter meals, thyme, rosemary and salad burnet are good ones.

Fresh herb gardening does include some rules that should be followed to obtain optimum results.  For example, the roots of the mint herb will overtake any box so it must be planted in its own separate container.  It also grows best in the shade so an idea would be to plant a mint bed with different varieties of this herb such as peppermint, penny royal, curly mint and spear mint on a shady window ledge or shaded area of your garden.

Parsley, thyme and Bay are three herbs that are often used together in cooking so you might want to grow these together.  But if you put them in the same pot, you must position them so that the Bay doesn’t overshadow the other two as parsley and thyme need sunlight to grow.

Fresh herbs can also be used for cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Lavender will make your garden smell beautiful.  When cut and dried, you can place it under your pillow to help you sleep.  Add it to your wardrobe to help scent your clothes or to your bath to help you to relax.  Rosemary also smells lovely and will add flavour to lamb and other meats.  But it is also good for rinsing your hair adding colour and shine to dark hair.   It also stimulates the digestion and circulation.  Fennel is also good for adding flavour to fish dishes and drinking an infusion of fennel will help to reduce red eye inflammation.

If you suffer from flatulence or digestive problems, making tea from peppermint leaves may help as will chewing caraway seeds.  There are so many different herbs you could grow for both medicinal and cooking uses.

Herbal teas have risen in popularity recently and with your own herbs on your doorstep you will be spoilt for choice.  Chamomile tea, which is widely known to aid relaxation, is made from the flowers of the plant.

Fresh herb gardening is perfect for those of us who are not used to gardens and growing things. It is very relaxing and rewarding knowing that you are responsible for the beautiful scents and colours in your garden not to mention the delightful flavours they add to your kitchen and the medicinal benefits that they could bring.  Why not try it for yourself and see?