Let’s Begin By Growing Perennial Herbs

Growing perennial herbs is becoming a popular hobby.  Imagine making culinary delights with fresh herbs. They make every meal delicious.  Planning and creating a garden is a great way to provide your household with fresh herbs each year.

To begin with creating a perennial garden, one must do a quick search of the internet.  Using a search engine is an easy way.  Type in a term such as “perennial herbs” will bring about a huge list of options.  Or check out your local store or herb book from the library.  Also there will be a list of seed companies that can help the gardener locate the type of plants they would like to grow.  Many companies offer free seed catalogs to give the gardener the winter to decide what they would like to grow.

Once the garden is planned, order the seeds.  Most seeds are not expensive. Sometimes heirloom varieties can cost more than regular seeds.  Purchase peat pots or seed starter kits from your local do it yourself store.  Begin this process in the winter as it may take about twelve weeks to have a good baby plant to move outside.  Buy some potting soil and get the process started.  Keep the seedlings inside until the danger of frost has passed.

Now that it is time to move the seedlings outside, look around the yard for a location for the garden.  Typically herbs grow best in a well drained area that receives five to six hours of sunshine per day.  Start with a small area and enlarge it each year.  Before you know it, you will have a good size garden. Herbs are very easy to grow.  They have lots of uses so they are practical and pretty.

Hire a rotavator or get your trusted spade out and cultivate the garden location. Mix in some compost into the soil. This adds a lot of added nutrients.  There are so many perennial herbs to try like oregano, chives, mint, thyme, lavender, aloe vera or even rosemary.

Do not be afraid to try a few annual herb varieties also.  The plant will die off in the end but not before dropping a bunch of seeds. Save the seeds.  You can give them as gifts to friends, family and neighbours.  You will have some for next season. You can even directly sow them for a great spring start.

Check out your hardiness zone.  If you cannot find what zone you are on the internet, give a quick call to the local gardening centre they will give you the information you need.  They will be able to tell you quickly.  Select herb seeds that do well in your area.  Do not pick subtropical herbs if you live in the north. Find ones that do well in your neck of the woods.

Perennial herb gardens are a wonderful way to experience a truly fantastic hobby.  Gardening is relaxing and fun. There is no better way than to grow your own wonderful fresh herbs to use in your cooking.  Making the garden is not difficult.  The hard part will be selecting the varieties to begin with.  Try some traditional herbs as well as a few exotic varieties.  Be adventuresome.  You and your family will be glad that you did.