Growing Tea Herbs

When it comes to Herbs, there is nothing more popular than making an Herbal Tea. Tea consists of one or more herbs mixed together to make a special blend to be boiled so you can drink it.  All Herbal Tea’s have their own recipe to create a wide variety of flavours. When Growing Tea Herbs, it is very important to first know the basics of Herb Gardens. Be sure to use good potting soil that doesn’t have an over abundance of nutrients.  Use sand to mix into the potting soil to dilute the nutrient levels if needed.  You should start your Herbs by placing your seed’s into Peat Pellets.  These Pellets’s will allow you to sprout a seed indoors so you won’t have to worry about the outside elements damaging your Herb at this very delicate age.  After you have a sprout, bury the Peat Pellet under the pre-mixed potting soil that you have in your pre-located garden outside, but be sure that at least half of the sprout is sticking out of the ground. That’s it, you have begun Growing Tea Herbs.

There are many ways of Growing Tea Herbs, and there are also many Herbs that are used in Tea mixes.  Some of the more popular Herbs are; Genmaicha, which is mixed with brown rice to create Japanese Green Tea, Bergamot, mixed with various other Herbs are what makes up Earl Gray Tea, and Ginseng, which is widely used for a number of Tea recipes.  When choosing which Tea Herbs you will be Growing, be sure to pick Herbs that will blend nicely with each other.  You don’t want flavours that will take away, or overwhelm another flavour.  Be sure that the mixture you use compliments your taste buds and creates a smooth blend.  It will definitely take time to try many mixtures until you find the perfect combination to suit your wants and create the perfect Tea for you. There is much more to tea then just Growing Tea Herbs. You will want to try different spices, such examples of spices that work well with certain Tea’s are;  The leaves off any citrus fruit, various roots such as ginger, cinnamon, or even Chamomile, which is a mild sedative and is commonly used in “bed Time” Tea’s of many brand names. Be sure to experiment, and even if you think that a Tea is perfect, don’t be afraid to try different variations, you may start Growing Tea Herbs that become world renown.

When harvesting your Tea Herbs you will want to research which part of each Herb to harvest.  Some Herbs possess their flavour in the roots, while others contain flavour in their leaves.  You don’t want to mix any of that information up and risk putting the wrong part of an Herb in your new Tea Mix.  There are people who believe boiling fresh Herbs creates the best Tea, but it is widely known that dried Herbs create a stronger flavour.  It is up to you of course how you would like to prepare your Tea, but the common census is that drying, and then boiling your Herbs is the best way to make a perfect Tea.  After a while of experimentation, as well as trial and error, you will be able to create the perfect Tea that meets all of your expectations.