Get Started With These 5 Simple Herb Garden Designs

There are so many different uses for herbs that it can get quite confusing knowing which ones you should be growing.  Here are five simple herb garden designs to get you started:

  1. Winter herb garden:

When picking herbs for your winter herb garden design, you should think about the type of meals you often eat when it is colder.  We eat stews, roast meats and thick warming soups.  You can improve the flavour of these dishes by adding some of your own home grown rosemary, thyme, Welsh onion, parsley or sage.

  1. Summer herb garden:

When the sun is shining we no longer need warming soup or hearty stews. Instead we tend to eat more salads which can get a little repetitive and boring. The solution is our second herb garden design which is a summer garden.  Fresh dill, chervil, chives, marigold and basil will add interest and flavour to any salad as well as increasing the vitamin and mineral content.

  1. Cosmetic herb garden:

A lot of herbs are extremely useful in the preparation of cosmetics.  There is nothing quite as soothing as a chamomile face mask. If you are stressed or having trouble sleeping a lavender bath will help as will putting dried lavender leaves under your pillow.  Sage is wonderful for oily skin while comfrey works best on dry skin.

  1. Medicinal herb garden

If you like natural remedies you will be pleased to know that one herb garden design you could have is a medicinal one. Most medicinal herbs can be used for the treatment of more than one ailment so you do not need acres of space.  If you suffer from a lot of bruises and sprains, grow some comfrey to treat bruises and parsley to treat sprains.  You simply crush the leaves and apply direct to the injury.

Nettles or garlic juice is great for painting onto chilblains.  Drinking nettle tea is also supposed to be very good for you.  Drinking parsley leaf tea may help reduce the discomfort caused by hemorrhoids while applying thyme and summer savory will help sooth insect bites.

  1. Decorative herb garden

You do not just have to grow herbs that you have to use for something. You can grow herbs simply because they are very pretty and very aromatic, so why not grow them purely for this reason.  Wouldn’t it be nice to sit in your garden, whatever the size, on a summers evening and simply enjoy the sight and smell of your herb garden. Sometimes, to make us feel good, we need to be surrounded with beautiful scenery and ornamental plants in your garden or window box will do just that.  There are many varieties to choose from. For example, Borage has brilliant blue flowers whereas Hyssop will add pink, white and deep blue colours to your garden. Lavender is a very popular herb to grow for its aroma and there are many different varieties to choose from. You could even grow a whole garden full of all the different Lavender varieties – no that would make an impact!

I hope that these 5 simple herb garden designs have given you some ideas for your own new herb garden.