What Herb Garden Plants To Use

Research is key if you are interested in taking up any new hobby and that includes herb gardening.  There are many, many different types of herbs out there and each one if different and has different requirements for successful growing.  The plants some in perennials, biennials and perennials and whether your interested in a class of herbs or a specific herb, you will need to understand what is needed to ensure it gets the care it needs to grow into a healthy plant. This article will help you, and give you an understanding of what types of herbs are out there and what they are used for.

Basil, cilantro and summer savory are all annuals.  These plants will not survive frost and every year, they need to be planted from a small seed or plant.  Sage and winter savory are perennials which return every year and are able to survive in colder temperatures.  Parsley, angelica and caraway are biennial herbs.  These herbs do best when sown directly into a garden in the late spring.  They from leaves in their first growing, flowers and seed in their second season and then they die.

The first step in starting your herb garden is preparing the soil which should be slightly wet and worked into a fine texture.  Next, plant the seeds in shallow rows before placing some firm soil on top.  If the seeds are fine, you can plant them in a sand mixture and you can also cover the bed with wet burlap to keep the soil moist during germination.

Hers are categorized into different groups according to how they are used:

  • Culinary herbs such as thyme, chives, parsley, basil, sage, savory and marjoram
  • Aromatic herbs such as mint, lavender and lemon verbena
  • Medicinal herbs such as feverfew, herbal pumpkin and safflower
  • Ornamental herbs such as borage, chicory and valerian

The most useful to herb gardeners are culinary herbs due to their different usages in cooking.  Herbs are used as garnishes in dishes and to add flavor to different types of food.  Aromatic herbs add a beautiful, light and natural scent to any space with their pleasant smelling flowers.  Some perfumes are made from different types of aromatic herbs.   They can also be used to lightly scent clothing and linens and to make potpourri.  Medicinal herbs have been used for centuries to air in curing numerous illnesses.  Like all plants, some are dangerous and some are beneficial so when using herbs for medical purposes, it is very important to research which ones are safe to use and which ones are dangerous.  Ornamental herbs are usually brightly colored and are used to brighten up an otherwise dull space that needs a little special touch of color!

Herbs may be placed in specific categories but that doesn’t mean that one herb can’t be used for multiple purposes.  Mint is an example of an herb that can be used for a variety of things from cooking and tea to pest control.  When deciding which herbs you will plant, think about which ones will be most useful to you and will therefore be the most enjoyable to grow!