Start Your Herb Empire With A Mini Herb Garden

When you start growing herbs, it can be a little overwhelming choosing which ones to pick.  A mini herb garden is perfect if you are just starting to grow your own. As time passes and you realize which herbs grow best in your area, suit your soil and see how much time you have available, you can work on your herb empire.

You will need to decide what you want to get from your new garden. If you are looking to create a picturesque scene full of lovely colours and scents, you will pick different plants to those that would suit a medicinal garden or a one to be used to produce homemade cosmetics.

Herbs have existed since time began and are mentioned in all the major religions and feature strongly in ancient medicines.  They were used for cooking, dyes, disinfectants and of course for embalming.    They are really easy to grow and do not require a lot of maintenance. Some prefer the sun while others like the shade.  Some grow really quickly while others like Rosemary take their time.

To get the best results from your mini herb garden, it is worth taking some time to prepare the site.  Most herbs prefer a slightly alkaline soil and a little space.  Don’t skip the preparation phase as having the right foundations will help your herbs to grow strong and fight off pests and bugs.  Always plant at the right time of year and don’t forget to feed your seedlings.  Setting plants too close together will encourage diseases such as mildew with Mint being the most likely herb to be attacked.

You should make a list of the plants you would like to grow.  You will already know what space you have available so make a rough guess based on how high these plants are going to grow as to how many different varieties you will be able to plant. The mistake most beginners make is to plant too many which results in their roots becoming entangled.  This has an adverse affect on both the flavor and scent of the herbs.

Make your life easier by starting with the simple ones such as chives, thyme and some of the other savories.  You can either grow these from seed or buy small plants depending on your budget and your patience levels!  Sometimes you won’t have an option as herbs such as French tarragon and purple sage do not produce seeds unless you live in a very warm climate.  Other herbs such as rosemary are so slow growing that most people prefer to start with a plant.

Once your herbs are growing and you can see that you have some healthy plants, you could put some of them into small pots and set up a stall at the bottom of your drive to sell your surplus. A local nursery may buy your surplus herbs or you could even plant them in decorative pots and give them as gifts to other herb loving friends.

Whatever plants you decide on, have fun and experiment with your mini herb garden.