How To Create Your Very Own Windowsill Herb Garden.

If you are looking for some pretty and useful plants that are easy to grow but you have limited space, why not create your very own windowsill herb garden.

You can chose from a variety of ready made boxes such as plastic, wooden or those made from fiberglass.  The decision will depend partly on your budget and also on the style of house you live in.  Avoid metal window boxes as they absorb heat too quickly and this could cause the roots to shrivel.  Fiberglass tends to be expensive, plastic is cheap and will last a long time but I think wooden ones look the best. They are more natural and you can get a size to fit your window exactly. The wood will need to be at least 2cms thick for strength; you should fit a drip tray underneath which should be secured before you start planting herbs.

Herbs are, generally, quite easy to grow where ever they are planted. They do not require planting in deep soil so are perfect for growing in windowsill boxes. Choose the windows that get the most sun in the growing season, as herbs generally originate in warm climates so can require up to 7 hours of sunshine to grow properly.  Choose your crop with care as some such as Mint are not suitable to grow in a box unless they have their own separate container.  They have underground runners that will overtake the entire space very quickly.

When deciding on the type of window box you are looking to create, you need to make a decision on whether you want to grow cooking herbs or fragrance herbs.  The second variety will introduce a wonderful scent into the room when the window is open if you chose lemon thyme and pineapple sage. Some people think herb gardens made up of cooking herbs are boring but this is not the case.   Cooking herbs are not all green. You can design a wonderful colourful display if you include some gold or silver thyme, purple sage or tricolor with its pink and white leaves.

You can also design a windowsill herb garden for Winter and Summer.  In the winter we tend to eat roast meats and stews so growing the herbs that complement these dishes would be a great idea.  Rosemary, thyme, sage and parsley will all grow happily in a winter box.  In the summer, when salads are on the menu, you could add chives, basil or marigold grown in your summer box to help add some flavour.

If you have a lot of windows and one lies in a shady area, you might want to consider filling it with separate pots of mint as this herb loves the shade. You will need to use different pots to contain the growth of the roots and use a mixture of apple mint, peppermint and spearmint. All have lovely flavours and smell delicious too.

I hope that this has given you plenty of ideas for your windowsill herb garden.